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Veka Launches Site to Discover Products, Resources launches Sept. 1, along with GlassBuild Connect. Throughout the month, new materials and content will be added to enhance the show experience, according to Veka.

The site aims to give customers tools to facilitate Veka product and resource discovery in a fashion that is easy and efficient to navigate. In addition to product updates, the site will provide information about upcoming educational events and live streaming opportunities.

"With the cancellation of GlassBuild America and all shows, we wanted to offer more than just a show solution," explains Steve Dillon, Veka's marketing director. "We feel as though we needed to make moves toward expanding how we communicate with our customers -- not that we want any of the person-to-person shows to go away; they have a lot of value, but we saw this as an opportunity to reach an audience in a different way."

A resources tab directs site visitors to case studies, brochures, a video library and warranty information, while a photo gallery showcases how Veka's product portfolio can be used in myriad building applications.

"We want it to always evolve and change," says Dillon. "As we approach WinDoor we will be adding products specific to the Canadian market. It'll grow as time goes on. We don't look at it as something that'll be temporary until shows return. We want it to be something that's permanent. Any time we launch a new product, service or division, we'll do a showcase on"