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WDMA Legislative Conference Announces Policy Session Speakers

Icso and McKenzieWDMA announced Isabelle Icso, an international policy expert at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Trey McKenzie, executive director of government affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will be speakers at the Window and Door Manufacturers Association's 2022 Spring Virtual Meeting & Legislative Conference policy session.

Businesses across the U.S. continue to grapple with supply chain challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its effects on the world economy. Access to materials, labor availability, vaccine mandates and high demand all factor into a complex landscape that is expected to continue into 2022. The window, door and skylight industry’s connection to both manufacturing and residential construction amplify ongoing supply chain challenges.

The session will examine the current state of play in the supply chain including factors driving these issues, efforts underway to alleviate them and what the Biden administration’s efforts are for 2022.


March 30 - 31 2:00 - 4:30 p.m./EST



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