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YKK AP Technologies Lab Opens R&D Center in Pittsburgh

YKK AP Tech Lab

YKK AP Technologies Lab Inc., a subsidiary of YKK AP Inc., celebrated the opening of its newly designed 7,576-square-foot research and development center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About YKK AP Technologies Lab

Located on the third floor of Mill 19 Building A in Pittsburgh, YKK AP Technologies Lab will focus on research and development of new and emerging technologies, as well as the digital transformation of YKK AP Inc.’s business and the construction industry as a whole. The development of a “virtual factory” will create enhanced efficiencies in the production and installation of YKK AP Inc.’s windows and doors. It will also contribute to improved logistics and global management systems for the company.

Quality R&D

“Our goal as an organization is to improve construction productivity and quality through the research and development of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed-reality technologies,” says Fukada Shiori, chief digital officer, YKK AP Technologies Lab Inc. “The advent of new technologies presents an opportunity for true innovation and the ability to fill crucial gaps presented by the ongoing skilled labor shortage.”

Industry-academia collaboration

On July 10, the Pittsburgh business community and Carnegie Mellon University, along with executives from YKK AP Inc. and YKK AP America Inc., gathered at Mill 19 to mark the official opening. YKK AP and CMU students hosted a dynamic demonstration to showcase how advanced robotics is innovating the field of construction by automating the installation of core components of a building, like windows and doors.

Since 2020, YKK AP Inc. has partnered with CMU to marry technology with the construction, glass and fenestration industries. CMU specializes in applied research using robots and IT, and its academic culture emphasizes industry-academia collaboration.