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Technoform: TGI-Spacer M

TGI-Spacer M is a hybrid warm-edge insulating glass spacer consisting of stainless steel and a low-conductivity thermoplastic. It can be used in commercial, residential and architectural glazing systems. TGI-Spacer M measures 6.85 millimeters tall, with width sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 1 inch. It has a no-glare, matte finish, and is available in white, black, light gray, dark gray, champagne and bronze, with custom colors available. TGI-Spacer M has been successfully tested in accordance with industry standards including: ASTM 2188, ASTM 2189, ASTM 2190, ASTM C794, ASTM E773, ASTM E774, DIN 1279, CBA and IGCC. TGI-Spacer M can be used in all glazing applications where a warm-edge product is required, with conventional aluminum, or where another spacer type is being used. 2018 WinDoor Booth #703