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SafeGard 2R/2C by AmesburyTruth

Details: This releasable limit device for residential windows is engineered to meet the ASTM F2090 safety requirements codes for self-resetting, egress capable, fall prevention devices. It limits the opening of the window to less than 4 inches but can be released in case of emergency to achieve egress, or for cleaning purposes. No key or tool is required for this release, which is achieved via code-mandated dual-action release mechanisms. Safegard 2R automatically re-latches when the window is fully closed.

Best-selling Features: Suitable for casement, awning and hopper window applications, the product can be installed in the factory and adjusted inside the home after window installation. It is fully concealed when the window is in a closed position and is designed to not interfere with window operation or performance. It also is available for commercial applications.