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Ködispace 4SG Thermoplastic Spacer by H.B. Fuller


Details: Ködispace 4SG is a reactive thermoplastic warm-edge system with built-in desiccant that replaces the traditional edge system made of spacer, desiccant and primary seal. The automated application reportedly results in reduced manufacturing complexity and more design freedom for large or complex units. Its ability to form a chemical bond with glass and silicone makes this system particularly suitable for structural glazing, according to H.B. Fuller.

Best-selling Features: The company says the unlimited insulating glass unit shapes and design, thermal performance, maximum gas tightness and low moisture vapor transmission rate contribute to its popularity. As a permanently flexible spacer, its high elasticity and chemical bonding reportedly result in better mechanical performance during environmental changes. In addition, the 4SG stays gas-tight during expansion and compression cycling of the unit; stress is extended over the full spacer width and not concentrated only on the edges, which helps retain gas tightness and energy efficiency, according to the company.