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Aspen Collection by Sierra Pacific Windows

Details: The Aspen Collection has 0.062-inch extruded aluminum cladding and a standard Ponderosa Pine interior, with other species available and incorporates Encore hardware with a single operating lock lever. With 74 powder coated and anodized finishes available, including various textures and custom colors, it offers a continuous foam weather strip on the frame and interior stationary brackets. Frame covers are fastened with a rigid coupler that leaves fewer nail holes to putty during finishing. 

Best-selling Features: Sierra Pacific Windows re-engineered its Aspen Collection for enhanced structural performance and resistance to air and water intrusion. Its hidden locking system, as well as the lock adjustment reducing operating force in large units, also contributes to it being a best-seller. High-performance hardware enables large operable sizes, and the screen has a lift rail. A new ¼-inch steel plate option is available to improve mull structural ratings.