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Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation by Marvin Windows and Doors

Details: This window is designed to operate intuitively and ease installation for builders and remodelers while maintaining high performance. The window locks at the center of the check rail instead of at each jamb. Additionally, the locking mechanism has been re-engineered to allow for easy hardware removal and reattachment for painting without components shifting out of alignment. Simplified jamb assembly receivers now allow a screw or jamb to pass through the receiver for pinning into the studs. The simplified central lock works with a new strike plate, which is routed into the bottom rail of the top sash and is available in all hardware colors. 

Best-selling Features: Marvin says some of the popular features of this product include design flexibility, automatic locking and the wash/tilt mode. It also has a performance rating of DP50 on most sizes and has Impact IZ3 certified coastal options. A lock status sensor ready for wired or wireless connectivity may be added to the window as well.