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Motor operator

Clopay Everguard

With neatly concealed drive components, the EverGard Tube Motor Operator is ideal for door openings with tight clearances around the coil area. With a totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) motor and AC/DC input for auto switching, this motor operator is compatible with counter doors, security grilles, and light gauge service doors.

For safety and security, the integrated battery backup of the EverGard Tube Motor Operator provides up to 10 cycles within a 48-hour period. This UL325 listed motor operator also comes standard with a remote programmable control box, equipped with 12 feet of cable and configurable functions, such as "Auto-Open" and "Stay in Position" in case of critically low voltage or power loss.

Additionally, this motor operator offers features such as a non-resettable cycle counter, a speed governor, and an abnormal power warning LED with an optional audible alert. Customizable settings and an optional lock sensor mechanism add another layer of versatility, making the EverGard Tube Motor Operator a complete solution for secure and efficient door operation.