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Sliding doors

Ultimate interior sliding door

Marvin's Ultimate Sliding Door and Ultimate Sliding French Door G2 are the newest editions to its existing line. 

Key Features of the Ultimate Sliding Door Collection:

  • Consistent Design Aesthetic: Both the Ultimate Sliding Door and Ultimate Sliding French Door G2 are built on the same design platform as their Ultimate swinging door counterparts, ensuring a seamless and consistent aesthetic across different door types.
  • Design Flexibility:
    • The Ultimate Sliding door features 3-inch stiles and rails with standard square glazing profiles, offering an aesthetic that complements many architectural styles.
    •  The Ultimate Sliding French Door G2 introduces a new 4¾ inch bottom rail option, providing customers with more customization possibilities to suit their specific design preferences.
  • Performance Sill: Both doors come equipped with the Performance Sill—mirroring the swinging door sill—to ensure optimal performance and weather resistance.
  • Consistent Sizing: With consistent sizing across Ultimate swinging and sliding doors, customers can mix and match different door types within their projects without worrying about compatibility issues.
  • Updated Hardware Options: In addition to the new doors, Marvin is also introducing new Standard and Gallery hardware options to further enhance the functionality and style of the Ultimate Sliding Door Collection.