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Most Innovative Entry Door 2023

Masonite Performance Door System 


The Product

The complete Masonite Performance Door System provides protection against air and water penetration with a square edge fiberglass door, a patented self-adjusting sill, adaptive weather stripping, enhanced corner pads and a rot-resistant frame. The entire door system is covered by a 10-year limited full-replacement warranty, so builders and contractors can close with confidence.

The System is offered with all Masonite exterior fiberglass doors. With a variety of available styles, colors, and finishes, including multiple glass options, the system can complement the curb appeal of any home. The Masonite Performance Door System features the 4-Point Performance Seal, which includes a square edge fiberglass door, a self-adjusting sill, adaptive weather stripping, enhanced corner pads, and a rot-resistant frame.

What the judges say

  • Masonite focused their innovation on real issues; weather resistance, durability and sustainability were the key points and they offer solutions for each with this door. Great job!
  • Very robust and durable door
  • Masonite’s Performance Door System offers energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance for the consumer. Plus, the testing results are very impressive with a 64% better than leading competitor advantage. This would be a solid purchase for any homeowner.


Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Window + Door and Glass Magazine.