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Low Profile Lock Handle by Roto North America

low-profile lock and door handles


Roto North America

Roto North America spotted a trend in the market for a lock handle on casement and awning windows that could meet several aesthetic design criteria to influence a positive user experience, in particular, a lower profile housing coming off the window frame. 


Roto North America will introduce the Low Profile Lock Handle this summer, a line extension to its X-DRIVE casement and awning program. The handle is designed to have stylish features and will be available in multi- and single-point versions. Finish options will include several powder coat colors and architectural brushed nickel. 

The “low profile” refers to the handle being about 50 percent lower to the frame versus existing lock handles. The flared lever on the bottom of the handle is also designed to allow for easier functionality by end-users. 

Roto cites “overwhelmingly positive” responses to the handle design from several window manufacturers.

Other products in the X-DRIVE hardware family include operators, locking systems and hinges.