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3D Door Configurator 

doors and windows

Key features

  • Beautiful 3D and photorealistic 2D visuals
  • Augmented reality for perfect placement
  • Complex rules and logic engine to enable unlimited scale


ThreekitWhen it comes to custom door sales, buyers want the ability to engage with the product in an immersive way online, but also get the extra support they need to feel confident in a high-stakes purchase. The tighter the interplay between the two, the higher the likelihood of success.


product display in browser windowSixty-nine percent of door buyers are “unlikely” to continue the buying process by visiting the showroom based on the brand’s website experience ("The Great Door Sales Transformation," Threekit, 2023). Today’s buyer wants sales process continuity but the digital experience, especially for custom doors, falls short. Shoppers are unable to customize and visualize the product, and this leaves them feeling less than confident in moving forward with the purchase.


Threekit is the leading visual commerce solution for door brands who want to extend the best possible shopping experience to their buyers. Through its scalable platform, Threekit pairs a complex rules and logic engine with beautiful 3D and virtual photography that enables shoppers to see the custom product they want to buy and drive confidence in their purchases. 


Threekit enables leading door brands to show 100% of their custom catalog to end-users, and helps them streamline formerly complex sales processes.

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