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3 Tips to Capture Better Leads

Two weeks ago, I attended Professional Remodeler magazine’s Extreme Lead Generation conference. The Window & Door Dealers Alliance was proud to be a partner of this industry event focused on lead generation tools and tactics for home builders and professional remodelers. The energetic and fast-paced programming kept attendees engaged and offered actionable takeaways on topics including marketing campaigns, TV media, website leads, virtual assistants, and more. Here are a few of the takeaways from the two-day event.

Establish identity to stand out from the crowd
Rich Harshaw, CEO of Level 10 Contractor, kicked off the conference by telling attendees that if their marketing results aren’t where they’d like they to be, it’s likely due an overwhelming presence of platitudes and no discernible identity. As the session continued, I was able to see how dealers may fall victim to this approach.

Often, dealer websites and advertising collateral use phrases such as high-quality, best materials, customer-friendly and best warranty. However, these platitudes aren’t profound or unique. Rich shared with the audience that the key to breaking through the clutter is to focus in on your company’s unique identity so you stand out. “You’ve got to instantly demonstrate who you are, what you stand for, what your customers can expect, and why they should choose you,” he says. “And once your identity is determined, then you’ve got to learn to communicate it with power, precision and passion.”

Ensuring more and better leads online
Bruce Porter, CEO of SWAT Marketing Solutions, discussed how to set up websites to optimize user experience and grow traffic, as well as establish better lead capture. He took the audience through a sequence for a successful email drip campaign, which begins with a “lead generator.”

This five to seven-page, topic-specific e-book should be available for download after a user submits their name and email. The example drip campaign sequence Bruce shared is below and is based off a potential customer downloading a lead generator on window design.

  1. Thank them for downloading the e-book
  2. Design (talk about how important the window design is to your home)
  3. Energy savings (share how new windows can pay for themselves and enhance their lifestyle)
  4. Solution (provide a solution to their window needs)
  5. Special offer (offer $1,000 toward their new windows if they sign a contract in the next 15 days)
  6. Final qualifying email (if no response, send an email that thanks them again for downloading the e-book and asks if they are looking to replace their windows in the next 30 days, 60 to 90 days, next year, or if they are no longer interested).

The biggest key to a successful drip campaign is that each email should have only one link. That link sends the individual to a landing page with targeted content and just one call to action. By avoiding multiple links or a top navigation on the landing page, they are not distracted by other content or offers.

Prioritize digital strategies
These two highlights are just a snippet of the vast and valuable programming offered at Extreme Lead Generation. As I absorbed the tips and best practices presented, it became apparent that all 13 sessions featured tips and tools that are proactive as opposed to reactive. As our industry continues to evolve, dealers need to place priority on digital strategy and meeting customers where they are.

To that end, I encourage you to join us at Window & Door Dealer Day, taking place Monday, September 16 in Atlanta. This unique event for owners and top managers of retail window and door businesses will feature programming on digital marketing, online identity, SEO, geotargeting and geofencing, in addition to an industry benchmarking and exclusive market forecast session. Registration opens on Thursday, April 25 at I look forward to seeing you there.