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Comprehensive Content

The path to the top of local search rankings used to be so much easier—professionally written content wasn’t a necessity. And, frankly, content didn’t even really need to be all that great. Getting ranked in local search was as simple as posting copy packed with a ton of keywords about a particular industry, plus some images and a few videos showing off inventory.

Until it wasn’t that simple. After Google figured out that sites were earning high rankings despite the fact that they weren’t providing quality results for searchers, it changed its algorithms. And then changed them again and again. Now, the bar is much higher. The challenge is far more substantial. 

In 2018, weak content doesn’t cut it. Window and door businesses that provide strong, original, well-written content are those that appear on the top half of the first page of search results—which is where we all want to be. So, let’s talk about how to get there: comprehensive content. That is, content that answers all of a searcher's potential questions.

Google puts a lot of weight on this, enough so that it can make a major difference in a website’s organic local search rankings. To evaluate content comprehensiveness, the following outlines what Google’s algorithms are looking for.

1. Searcher engagement/satisfaction

When potential customers arrive on a page, they should have a good experience. Google determines this by seeing whether the searcher sticks around for a while or quickly “bounces” back to the search results. 

2. Diversity/originality

If the content for one site is just like that of other window and door businesses in a given area, Google isn’t impressed. Compared to other sites that appear in the search results for a given location and specialty, the content needs to stand out.

One great first step in this direction involves reviewing the websites of main competitors. Look for what those sites are missing. What helpful, in-depth information would really benefit potential window and door customers that isn’t on other sites?

In addition to general text copy, consider other ways to communicate the information, such as infographics or interactive components.

3. Comprehensiveness

Does the content get deep about all the elements related to windows and doors? Does it really explain what people need to know to make the best decisions about doors and windows? Comprehensive content delivers the full experience to people who click on a website. Not only does this give Google what it needs, but it can also convert more visitors into customers.

Creating this level of content certainly entails an investment in professional writing and design. Don’t be afraid of that. The return on investment will be substantial; while the danger in letting others take the lead is severe.


Welton Hong

Welton Hong

Welton Hong is the founder and internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, an internet marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. Contact him at or 888/383-2848.