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Explain Energy Efficiency to Close More Sales

NFRC Retailer Program provides retailers with tools they need to understand and explain the NFRC Energy-Performance label and educate consumers at point-of-purchase 

The National Fenestration Rating Council is providing window, door and skylight retailers and salespeople with tools to help their customers understand the energy performance of the products they are buying.    

Developed as part of NFRC’s Retailer Program, this new infographic breaks down the details of the NFRC energy-performance label. Sales people on the showroom floor can reference this infographic to explain the value of the label to customers, so they can better understand how one fenestration product compares to the next.

 NFRC infographic

“We routinely get calls from consumers inquiring about how to choose energy-efficient windows. A consumer who hesitates at the point of sale is a missed opportunity for marketing and sales teams. This NFRC label reassures the customer that this window, door or skylight meets their needs and that our retailers be there to support them in the event that they get confused at a later stage.” –Deb Callahan, CEO of NFRC

Retailers can also refer consumers to NFRC’s video that shows the value of ratings. The video explains the energy performance of a window and helps shoppers make informed decisions when purchasing fenestration products for their homes.


About NFRC’s Retailer Program

At the beginning of 2020, NFRC revised its Retailer Program with the goal to educate sales professionals across the industry about the importance of NFRC certification and to help them understand the NFRC label. Through this program, dealers have access to customized material for window, door and skylight sales and marketing needs that also includes webinars and online training. Training is free and at your own pace. Take the training here.


Energy Efficiency and the Consumer

In 2019, NFRC commissioned a survey of retailers to ask actual window, door and skylight salespeople about their challenges and needs on the job. The research found nearly all customers ask about price and nearly half of retailers said this is the No. 1 factor in making a purchase. However, two-thirds said they consider energy efficiency as the most important factor, and retailers rank energy efficiency in the top three factors for homeowners buying windows.

Aside from price, the other top challenges that retailers mentioned in closing a sale included explaining the difference between fenestration products and energy efficiency changes. More than a third of those surveyed had trouble explaining the energy-efficiency ratings on the NFRC label. And only half of retailers said they were familiar with NFRC. At the same time, more than 75 percent said the energy-performance label is easy to understand, and they use it when selling windows to customers.

One of the major takeaways from the survey was that retailers over-estimate their understanding of the NFRC label. Most retailers state they are knowledgeable about the label and find it easy to understand, but when quizzed on the NFRC label, answers were incorrect. The ratings on the label include U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient, visible transmittance, air leakage and condensation resistance. Survey respondents were often confused on how to explain the U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient for a customer to easily understand.

Training Opportunities

Based on those survey results and member feedback, NFRC developed an online training for retailers and people who are new to the fenestration industry. The infographic, the homeowner video and other resources for members, as well as salespeople, help them better understand how to use the label when selling windows. 

Additionally, member companies can have a customized training that includes their logo and their specific information about their fenestration products. We recognize that the manufacturers in NFRC’s product certification program invest time and money into having their windows’, doors’ and skylights’ energy performance rated and want the label that is on your products to have as much value as possible. The more consumers recognize and understand the important information on it, the more valuable it is. 

Upcoming Webinar

For more information on NFRC’s Retailer Program and to better understand the NFRC energy-performance label, NFRC is offering a webinar on April 29, 2021, at 11 a.m. EDT, which is designed to give attendees the tools to speak knowledgably about NFRC and the performance label, which helps salespeople explain why energy performance should matter to customers. This session is open to anyone from any part of the fenestration industry. Following the presentation, NFRC staff can work with you to develop resources for sales professionals and work together to showcase the value of energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights. 


Tom Herron NFRC

Tom Herron

Tom Herron is senior director, business development and special projects, at the National Fenestration Rating Council.