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Intent and Awareness

What you need to know about search and social media marketing 

You probably already know that search engine optimization and social media aren't optional in today's market. But do you know some of the most important considerations that go into home improvement marketing via these channels?  

For search, one of the most important things to consider is intent. Intent is the goal of the search—what the person hopes to find. Google divides intent into three broad categories: information, navigation and transaction. 

Informational searches want to find out something, such as what types of windowpanes are an option or how to measure for a new door. Navigational searches are usually looking for directions to a local business. Transactional searches include an intent to act or buy—examples might include "cost of new storm doors" or "where to buy windows." 

Window and door companies can maximize traffic from organic and paid search marketing by targeting on-page and ad content to intent. 

For lead generation efforts such as blog posts, consider what someone just looking into new windows or doors might need to know and write content that answers those questions. Then consider what motivated buyers might search for and create content for landing, product and service pages that serve those keywords


Social Media  

Google and its brethren aren't the only way consumers find out about businesses. Social media users say they use platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest to find out about products, according to various research. 

For window and door companies, social media marketing is typically about awareness. Whether you're running paid ads or posting organic content, the goal is to ensure your company appears before as many relevant people as possible.  

Unfortunately, algorithms don't always make this easy, especially with organic content. Obviously, Facebook and other platforms make more money when you spend on ads, so they're not motivated to support that exposure for free.   

But it's not impossible to increase awareness for your company by posting interesting or helpful content that others want to share. And if you join in by commenting, liking and answering consumer communications on social, you can expand your reach.  

For window and door companies, there's no magical method for online marketing. But by drilling down to the heart of each channel (intent for search and awareness for social), you can ensure your efforts are well targeted and drive more ROI. 


Welton Hong

Welton Hong

Welton Hong is the founder and internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, an internet marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. Contact him at or 888/383-2848.