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Take the 2021 Industry Pulse Survey

Window + Door’s annual survey gauges the state of the industry, where it’s been and where it’s going

At 2020’s onset, companies agreed business good and opportunity ripe. They saw opportunity to grow their companies, product lines and market presence. Innovation was forefront in some minds, both in terms of production and aesthetics.

No one could have predicted the coronavirus and its sweeping affect on the residential fenestration supply chain. By the end of March, the economy was nearly shut down and didn’t begin to emerge until May. The government deemed many of our businesses as “essential” so we could operate in a limited and safe capacity during this time, but it was still a time rife with uncertainty and cost-cutting measures. No one knew what the following week would bring, let along the remainder of the year.

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But then something happened we didn’t expect: the housing market statistics jumped to numbers unparalleled in strength. Suppliers and manufacturers to the industry report booming demand; some are seeing the strongest numbers they ever have.

With such a yo-yo year almost in our rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead with Window + Door’s annual Industry Pulse survey. The survey takes stock of the current marketplace and paints a picture of what’s to come for all areas of the supply chain.

Please take 10 minutes to tell us where you’ve been in the past year, where you’re going in the coming year and what challenges and opportunities you anticipate along the way. Results will be published in the January/February 2021 issue of Window + Door.

If you have any questions, or would like to offer additional input, please email me. Thank you for your participation, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Take Window + Door's 2021 Industry Pulse Survey


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