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January/February 2022

4Ever Sill | Worldwide Door Components Inc.

Tradition meets innovation with 4Ever Sill. Available as a Full Composite Generation 1 or as a Plastic Injected Generation 2 structure, the threshold's UV protection is designed to withstand the intense heat of the summer sun.

2022 Industry Pulse Report

The annual Window + Door Industry Pulse survey had few surprises: the market is strong, business is booming and no aspect of the supply chain is exempt from the persistent supply and labor challenges.

Balancing Thermal and Acoustic Demands for Total In-Home Comfort

As homeowners seek to make improvements, it’s important to offer solutions that offer a range of high-performance benefits.

NAFS: The More You Know

Performance requirements in NAFS go beyond air, water and structural performance certification

8 Tips to Deal with the Labor Shortage

Supply chain issues and skilled labor unavailability are suppressing the demand-driven residential construction boom. Shortages are overwhelmingly reported for workers in all types of jobs, the worst being in framing crews, and rough and finish carpenters. But labor shortages in the manufacturing…

What Comes After the Champlain Tower Collapse?

Although this article is geared toward the multifamily space, many window companies supply to multifamily and light commercial structures. It is critical to stay on top of the latest code discussions for the building space, particularly as they may pertain to the fenestration and glazing industries.

Supply Chain Struggles Continue

The industry prepares to enter another year rife with supply chain and labor concerns. Hardware supplier INOX shares its perspective about how companies can navigate this tricky time.

State of the Market

The residential fenestration M&A market continues to benefit from continued economic growth and buoyant capital markets.

Economic Growth Continues into 2022

Despite ongoing challenges on the supply and labor side, construction is poised for a robust, well-rounded recovery.

Get a Head Start on 2022 Sales

January is the right time for contractors to pay attention to developing their 2022 pipeline for new window and door projects. Here are some reasons why it’s time to start generating leads, and what steps to take now.

5 Takeaways from the 2022 Industry Pulse

This year’s annual Industry Pulse survey takes stock of how the industry is responding to labor and supply chain challenges, as well as where companies are focusing on business and product growth.