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Demand for Glass in Windows and Doors May Increase

Demand for glass used in windows and doors is forecast to increase 4.3 percent per year from $3.6 billion in 2018 to $4.4 billion in 2023, according to Freedonia Group’s study, Window & Door Components

The report finds the following as primary factors driving demand:

  • Above average advances in residential replacement window sales and homeowners' tendency to trade up to higher quality products when selecting replacement fenestration;
  • Ongoing efforts by home and commercial building owners to reduce energy costs by investing in higher value windows and doors with better insulative properties;
  • Rising sales of insulated glass units and windows with low-e coatings for newly constructed commercial buildings in order to meet the standards of LEED and other environmental certification programs;
  • Trends supporting demand for larger windows and patio doors—including multi-panel and multifold patio doors—that have expansive glazing areas;
  • Growing demand for impact-resistant windows, which are much more expensive and feature significantly thicker glass panes than standard windows;
  • Increasing awareness of the additional benefits of thicker glass panes, including security and sound dampening; and
  • Expanding interest in advanced glass tinting technologies, such as "smart glass" products that can be controlled via smartphones.

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