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Multi-Slide Vinyl Patio Door

Ply Gem Perspective Multi-Slide Vinyl Patio Door

Cornerstone Building Brands' Ply Gem Perspective Multi-Slide Vinyl Patio Door now has co-extruded exterior black and bronze color options with a white interior, expanded sizes of up to 10 feet in height or 30 feet in width and the addition of black and bronze color choices, along with an expanded range of sizes.

Applied using co-extrusion that will retain its color and character in any climate, year after year, the new black and bronze exterior color options offer several benefits for homebuilders, including:
● All-season durability;
● Complete, consistent coverage;
● Scratch, scrape and scuff resistance;
● Heat and cold resistance; and
● Easy maintenance.

The Perspective patio door also features pre-drilled frame holes for precise alignment and color-coded hardware bags. The pre-drilled installation holes eliminate the need to measure for proper placement and ensure that the frame is fastened correctly for the size and configuration of the door. Meanwhile, the color-coded hardware bags are matched to the installation step so that it is easy for the installer to find the part they need.

Additionally, these bags are packed specifically for the size and configuration, which means the installer will always have the quantity and parts needed to install that specific door. The Perspective Multi-Slide Vinyl Patio Door’s new exterior black and bronze with an interior white color and size options are all available in the Ply Gem AccuQuote ordering system.