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PSA Tape Offers Diverse Solutions for Windows and Doors

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are growing in popularity among window and door manufacturers because they offer versatile solutions to ensure attractive designs and provide dependable seals that reduce energy use and prevent water intrusion.

The technology behind PSA tapes has advanced dramatically over recent decades. Leading tape manufacturers have adopted innovative solutions, such as enabling the transition from aluminum to warm edge spacers in insulated glass units. These technology advances ensure PSA tapes are as reliable and durable as liquid-applied adhesives while offering five primary benefits:

  • Simple, clean assembly. PSA tapes are easy to apply, which simplifies the assembly process. PSA tapes offer clean installation methods without the drips and spills of traditional adhesives, making it easier to keep assembly areas tidy.
  • Versatile applications. PSA tapes create a secure seal on the diverse materials used in manufacturing and installing windows and doors, including wood, vinyls and painted metals.
  • Time savings. Unlike liquid adhesives, PSA tapes bond on contact so no cure time is required.
  • Seamless application. PSA tapes ensure a uniform, consistent bond across a surface to prevent gaps that can compromise quality and performance.
  • Durability and reliability. PSA tapes ensure long-term protection against extreme weather conditions, such as wind-driven rain – an especially important consideration given the impacts of climate change. PSA tapes also limit air ingress and egress to reduce energy consumption.

Interior and Exterior Uses for PSA Tapes

Double-coated PSA tapes are commonly used for bonding interior and exterior surfaces, such as grills, muntin bars and glass in doors and windows. For instance, when used in mounted door panels, PSA tapes offer more selections for the flush-mount or frame-concealing panel, whether in wood or metal doors. They also are used for trim out and gap fill. PSA tapes are ideal for use with foam to ensure a tight seal.

While most of these applications are for new construction, PSA tapes also can boost energy savings in older homes. Window kits and draft-stopper designs offer affordable, effective solutions for keeping heating costs down.

Equally important, double-coated PSA tapes are a popular option for decorative mounting. PSA tape offers a quick-stick, removable option to add an address or seasonal décor to doors and windows.

Securing Flashing

Acrylic single-coated PSA tapes are increasingly used to install flashing. This is important for protecting the structure of doors and windows while boosting energy efficiency, a key sustainability and economic issue for homeowners and businesses. Experts say construction and use of the built environment account for nearly 40% of global greenhouse emissions, according to data from the United Nations

Acrylic PSA tapes meet AAMA711-20 specifications for self-adhering flashing developed by the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA). These regulations specify essential material properties, such as adhesive bond strength to various building substrates, sealability through fastener penetrations, and weathering tests for UV and thermal exposure.

While butyl bonding systems remain common, today’s acrylic PSA tapes offer super-sticky, stretchable flashing designs that offer robust long-term performance. These tapes are available with self-healing, puncture-resistant properties. These single-coated tapes are stretchy and conformable to fit around radiuses, but they are stable – they will not “creep.”  

These traits make acrylic PSA tapes an optimal solution for sealing buildings to protect from the elements and improve energy efficiency while reducing the need for repairs and ensuring a long lifespan.

Flexible Solutions

Window and door manufacturers face many challenges, from surface variability and complex shapes to ensuring reliable, long-term protection against the elements. PSA tape is an effective solution because it offers a combination of seamless application, thermal insulation, moisture control and adaptability to various materials. From muntin bars and edge spacers to flashing and other applications, PSA tape offers flexible solutions for enhancing quality and efficiency.


Rebecca Blose Avery Dennison

Rebecca Blose

Rebecca Blose is a Business Development Manager for Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. As a 25-year engineering and quality influencer of technical PSA tape solutions, she is currently focused on strategic, innovative and future trend design opportunities within Building & Construction. Platforms, partnerships and creativity drive her contribution. She is located within the Philadelphia area and can be contacted at and can connect via LinkedIn.