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2024 Industry Pulse | We Persevere

The past five years have been a wild ride. Extreme demand, both waxing and waning, rocked the industry. Despite a predicted economic recession, residential fenestration companies predict stable sales and plan to invest in their businesses.

2023 Industry Pulse | Sustainable Slowdown

As the supply chain stabilizes, the single-family housing market slows. Nevertheless, the industry charges forward with new sales, product innovation and investments.

The Future of Hardware

Automated hardware is part of a larger trend toward whole-home automation.

Sealing Success

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are growing in popularity among window and door manufacturers because they offer versatile solutions to ensure attractive designs and provide dependable seals that reduce energy use and prevent water intrusion.

Thermal Expansion in Big Doors

The International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas provided a fascinating glimpse into the new and exciting trends in the market. One of these trends is that aluminum doors are getting much larger, with some fabricators showcasing doors as tall as 23 feet.

The Importance of Hardware in Window and Door Efficiency

Components and hardware should meet, or even increase, a window and door’s efficiency. 

A Profile in Windows

Double-hung windows represent the lion’s share of the market. Tilt and turns gain more awareness. Manufacturing and product efficiencies remain top of mind.

Fensterbau 2024 Highlights

Fensterbau Frontale returned in 2024, in its first full edition since the pandemic. The show's 644 exhibitors included North American fenestration companies that continue to look to the show for guidance on upcoming trends in automation, innovation and investment.

Designing for a Desert Environment 

The attractive qualities of sunny, warm, arid desert landscapes present extremely challenging building conditions that require the highest performance finishes. Such high-performance finishes on aluminum fenestration are specified to meet AAMA 611 “Voluntary Specification for Anodized Architectural…

Emerging Hardware Trends of the 2020s

Floor-to-ceiling glass with wider, taller panels not only breaks barriers between interiors and gardens but also allows for the appreciation of landscaped greenery from inside. Lower sightline systems emphasize uninterrupted views, reducing frame thickness and enhancing the inside-outside effect.…

The Transformative Power of Innovation

The 80th anniversary of the International Builders' Show welcomed over 1,800 exhibitors this year and more than 76,000 professionals. Jumbo pivot doors, daylighting and accessible technology were a few of the key trends.

Windows of Opportunity for 2024

From innovation and market demand to labor and materials, the new year looks promising for the fenestration market.

State of the Market | Specialty Fenestration Products

The market will move cautiously in the year ahead, but a growing need for residential safety and security solutions will drive the specialty fenestration market.

Industry Leaders Talk Mega Trends

What's ahead for the glass industry? "Industry Trends to Watch," a panel kicking off GlassBuild 2023, welcomed four leaders from all parts of the industry to discuss labor, the advent of AI, and other major trends to be aware of.

Colors of the Year Offer Optimistic Outlook for 2024 Finishing Trends

Reflecting the trend toward warmer, less saturated colors, softly tinted hues lead the 2024 color palettes for architectural coatings.

Mountain Modern Style Showcases Natural Colors, Rugged Durability

Architectural style balances biophilic elements with rugged durability

Front door finishing trends: Neutrals, naturals or nonconformist

A home’s front door sets the tone for engagement with the community, presenting an inviting welcome or a protective barrier.

A Trend Toward Pivot Doors

The unique design, manufacturing and hardware considerations for pivot doors.

Privacy Glass’ Creative Design Opportunities

Offering innovative safety and security solutions, privacy glass helps create a truly connected living space that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Pushing Patio Doors Forward

Improved energy performance and total integration with the indoor and outdoor experience are desirable traits for high-performance patio doors.

The Best of Both Worlds

As consumer activity continues to rebound for homeowners, it's important to take stock of trends. Homeowners attraction to wood-like windows can be met a few different ways, including with composite windows.

IBS showcases opportunities for windows and doors

The National Association of Home Builders’ 2023 International Builders’ Show, part of Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas, attracted its highest attendance in 10 years. I was among the 200,000 participants and hundreds of first-time attendees.

The Turning Tide: Is the New Year Marking a New Business Environment for Our Industry?

The annual Industry Pulse survey and corresponding report is one of my favorite editorial projects of the year and this year’s report was especially interesting. Although the past several years have been characterized by overwhelming demand amid supply chain and material disruptions, the responses…

IBS Dazzles with Products, Trends, Conversation

The industry was on full display during a record-breaking Design and Construction Week.

5 Takeaways from the 2023 Industry Pulse

The Industry Pulse not only revealed information about the economic landscape, but also lent insights into the changing supply chain and material landscape, ongoing labor concerns, product trends and more. Read on for the top takeaways.

Case Studies | Doors

How doors can transform a home, plus market insights from manufacturers.

Residential Color Trends Are All About Balance

Color choices can affect our mood and our behavior. We hope these trends help create harmonious, grounding spaces that inspire balance and stability.

5 Takeaways From the FGIA Hybrid Annual Conference

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Hybrid Annual Conference Feb. 28-March 3 in Amelia Island, Florida, was a jam-packed week of education, networking and a healthy dose of vitamin D from the Florida sunshine.

FGIA roundtables focus on window innovation, sustainability and trends

Roundtable discussions at the 2022 Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Hybrid Annual Conference in Amelia Island, Fla. highlighted trends like thin triple glazing, sustainability best practices and case studies on window industry innovations.

Builders’ Show Returns to Orlando

Although some notable window and door manufacturers didn’t have a presence at the International Builders' Show this year, the show floor held no shortage of new products and ideas for residential fenestration professionals.

Drive Profitability with These 3 Emerging Door Trends

Doors can empower homeowners to reimagine open floorplans, create statement-making entrances and accommodate the ever-expanding functions of a home.

State of the Market

The residential fenestration M&A market continues to benefit from continued economic growth and buoyant capital markets.

How to Offer Customers the Craftsman Design Trend

While homes made of individually handcrafted elements may not be accessible or desirable for every homeowner, manufacturers can incorporate elements of Craftsman design in their products.

Strategically Expanding Your Color Palette

For fabricators, developing new color options to meet customers’ new aesthetic demands might sound like just another layer of complexity. But with the right technology, it doesn’t have to be.

Patio Doors

Case studies show design trends in patio doors.

The Rise of Slim Profiles in Window and Door Design

Not simply an offshoot of the renewed interest in minimalist design principles, the increased interest in slimmer sight lines is more related to the realization that slimmer profile windows can help homeowners maximize natural light, offer better views, and provide a cleaner, sleeker aesthetic.

Back to Basics

Streamlined, simple trends reign in today’s hardware design.

Climate Change Drives Demand for Better Energy Efficiency

The implications of climate change and what it could mean in the form of increased specifications in all windows and doors in North America.

A Conversation with Forel 

Marco Schiavon, CEO for North America, discusses the company’s growth and industry trends.

Wood Without the Work

When your project calls for the natural beauty of wood, but needs the high-performance longevity of aluminum, wood grain finishes can provide the best of both. Textured wood grain finish options mimic not just the look, but also the feel of natural wood.

FGIA Industry Review and Forecast Shows Growth in Residential Products

Residential windows, doors and skylights all experienced growth in 2020 versus 2019, according to the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance's newly released FGIA 2020/2021 U.S. Industry Statistical Review and Forecast. 

Extruding Solutions

Vinyl extrusions need to meet increasingly stringent performance criteria while matching the design flexibility customers want.

Replacement Windows in Action

Case studies show the transformative power of replacement windows.

Replacement's Robust Outlook

The replacement window market is poised to enjoy growth through 2023 as demand increases in the repair and remodeling segment.

Virtually Speaking

Conversations at industry events look at what to keep an eye on in the coming year.

Design Trends Presentation Focuses Largely on Sustainability

John Peterson, director of sustainable design and building innovation for MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects delivered a presentation, "Inspired Design Trends for Commercial and Residential Construction," at the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Virtual Annual Conference last week.

The 2021 Industry Pulse

Despite challenges around COVID-19, the industry looks forward to a robust 2021 and beyond as demand is booming and residential construction posts historically strong numbers.

4 Market Trends to Watch in Fenestration

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we can't possibly know what the future holds and trying to predict what the new year will bring seems like an exercise in futility. Still, we can hope for some normalcy in 2021, so I put together some thoughts on a few market trends I feel could be in store for…

2020 Industry Trends | Part 3

An in-depth look at the equipment, technology and products that shape our industry. Join us online at beginning Sept. 1 to continue the conversation. Size, color and performance drive the latest designs in fenestration.

2020 Industry Trends | Part 2

An in-depth look at the equipment, technology and products that shape our industry. Join us online at beginning Sept. 1 to continue the conversation. As the industry moves toward digital platforms for manufacturing and business efficiencies, there is more opportunity for connectivity.

2020 Industry Trends | Part 1

An in-depth look at the equipment, technology and products that shape our industry. Join us online at beginning Sept. 1 to continue the conversation. Today’s machinery is reaching a new level of maturity to further address user needs such as automation, efficiency and labor concerns.

At 2020’s Midpoint, Taking Stock of an Unprecedented Year

Thoughts on how manufacturing, automation, workforce challenges, and industry events have changed. Plus, comments on the resiliency of the industry.  

Factory View: An Eye to the Future

Component and end-product manufacturers in the residential fenestration industry all seem to agree on one thing: the coronavirus pandemic and its associated effects are unprecedented and have caused businesses to alter and re-think how they operate. 

Multi-panel Doors | Big, Bold, High Performance

Bigger openings, more glass, larger panels and narrower frames dominate the multi-panel door market today. All of these attributes fulfill what customers seem to want most: a connection with the outdoors and prolific natural light.  

Multi-panel Configurations

Overall project considerations, functionality, performance, aesthetics, available wall space, desired purpose and interaction, and budget all determine which type of multi-panel door is appropriate for a given project, including multi-slide, bifold and lift-and-slide configurations.  

Closer Look

Materials heavily influence the aesthetics and performance considerations of multi-panel doors, as well as impacting ease of functionality. 

Divided Light for Entry Doors

Architectural styles—even the most contemporary expressions of an architect’s creativity—are drawn from the pre-existing, visual language of architecture inherited from earlier styles. These styles can remain with us in legacy buildings, modern revivals and elements repurposed and reinterpreted for…

The 2019 Industry Pulse

Window & Door welcomes in the new year with its annual Industry Pulse report, taking stock of 2018 and looking to what 2019 may have in store. 

Automation's Role on the Factory Floor

Automated machinery is moving into the front lines of the factory floor as demand for windows and doors remains strong and companies continue to struggle to find workers to produce the products. Manufacturers are responding with suitable products for all clients—those just entering the automated…

Chasing Daylight

For several years, I worked in an interior office with nothing but a buzzing fluorescent light to illuminate my space. After buckling down on a project for hours, I was always surprised when I emerged, looked out someone else’s window and saw it was snowing. Or storming.

Vinyl Trends

Little did I know when I started at Window & Door that the Pittsburgh area is jam-packed with manufacturers in the fenestration industry. In April, I was welcomed to two local-to-me plants. I visited Thermal Windows & Doors in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, which introduced vinyl windows to the…

The Ongoing Importance of Certified Products

If you think back to the formative years of vinyl windows in the U.S., we had our share of performance challenges to overcome. Particularly in hot climates like Florida or Arizona, weathering and yellowing due to high temperatures and UV exposure were major issues that caused some significant…

Ongoing Optimism

You don’t have to wander far to hear positive sentiments about the immediate future of our industry. For instance, Window & Door’s 2018 Industry Pulse notes that the majority of manufacturers, suppliers and dealers expect sales to increase throughout the year. Meanwhile, the Pulse reported that…

A Trendy Showroom

I’m sure you’ve experienced a customer who says they want their home to ‘have a more modern feel,’ then goes on to describe a classic window or door. So, what does the customer really want? Here is an opportunity to provide something of value: professional advice about trends that will enhance the…

Continued Opportunity in Color

A few weeks ago, I returned from International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas—where there had been a bit of snow, as you might have heard. Wild weather aside, IBS coincides with the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show to make up Design & Construction Week, and it’s always a nice snapshot of the…

The Continued Evolution of Residential Comfort

I had the opportunity to attend the American Institute of Architects annual conference in New York City this summer. From my perspective, it was a great, busy show, with big names from around the industry, international attendees and a good energy overall. At the event, I noticed that talk about…

Now Trending

Early last month, I and several other members from the Quanex team attended the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, both for some good weather and to get a sense for how the industry is feeling at the outset of a new year. My takeaway: Many building and construction professionals are abuzz…

Industry 4.0

Click for larger view of infographic. As technology infiltrates more areas of life, data breaches rise. Nearly 9,000 reported data breaches occurred between January 2005 and April 18, 2018, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. IoT attacks rose by 600 percent in 2017, according to…

Form & Function

Inox’s CeraMax Rainbeaux ceramic-coated, hand-finished door hardware is designed to resist deterioration from salt spray, oxidation, humidity and UV light. Hardware manufacturers today are tasked with making products that not only appeal to myriad aesthetic styles, but also that function for the…


Europe generally is more advanced than the Americas in the building products field and technology, and the same holds true with machinery. Tony Mehringer, vice president of sales and marketing, Sturtz Machinery, recalls being “blown away” as far back as the early 1990s by how much more open Europe…