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President Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on Nov. 15. The legislation provides $550 billion in new funding for infrastructure projects over the next five years including roads, bridges, ports, rail, waterways, airports, public transit, broadband and…

The Increased Risk of  Installed Sales

Recognize and prepare for the liability that can come with product sales and accompanying installation services.

Summary Judgment: A Legal Procedure to Limit Litigated Claims

In a lawsuit, a plaintiff bears the burden to prove the case he/she brings against a defendant. Summary judgment is a legal procedure by which a judge, rather than a jury, can decide a claim or part of the claim for either the plaintiff or defendant.

Risk Management

Recognize risk in your business to promptly manage it before a problem manifests.

The Additional Insured Provision

Review contracts and know the terms of your company’s insurance policy to lessen financial risk.

4 to Watch: Policy Expectations for the Year Ahead

At the Window & Door Manufacturers Association Spring Virtual Meeting and Legislative Conference in March, experts discussed what the next year might hold in regard to housing, labor, safety and health policy. Speakers agreed that COVID, climate and energy efficiency are most likely to…

Lawsuit Alternative: Seeking Arbitration

Although there is no way to avoid the risk of lawsuits in any business, there are proactive steps that can lessen the impact in the event of a legal claim. One such option is incorporating a well-drafted arbitration clause into agreements and product warranties.

The Force Majeure Clause, Version 2.0

Contractual force majeure provisions should address the effects of overall uncertainty that exist between a contract’s parties.

The Battle of the Forms

The fine print on run-of-the-mill documents can cause a legal mess.

First Look at the CARES Act

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act economic provisions include broad assistance and incentives to shore-up businesses and institutions impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.