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July/August 2023

Product | Solution by GED

GED’s Intercept® Insulating Glass manufacturing capacity produces up to 2,880 units in an eight-hour shift. 

A Trend Toward Pivot Doors

The unique design, manufacturing and hardware considerations for pivot doors.

Privacy Glass’ Creative Design Opportunities

Offering innovative safety and security solutions, privacy glass helps create a truly connected living space that doesn’t sacrifice style.

4 Tips for Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. How to stay safe amid high temperatures.

3 Trends in Manufacturing HR

How COVID affected recruiting and retention, and how one company is staying on top of the trends.

3 Contractual Defense Terms

What defend, trigger and obligation mean and how they can affect your company.

Backlogs Ease, but a Potential Demand Surge May Be Coming

The R&R market and Inflation Reduction Act may generate an uptick in windows and doors.

Consult the New Version of NAFS for Industry Answers

The North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for windows, doors, and skylights (NAFS) is regularly updated to address market trends, technology, building codes and rating systems.

Pushing Patio Doors Forward

Improved energy performance and total integration with the indoor and outdoor experience are desirable traits for high-performance patio doors.

The Data Tells a Story

When John Burns Research and Consulting approached Window + Door about partnering in a quarterly market study earlier this year, we jumped at the opportunity to provide even more relevant data to the industry. But here’s the catch: it won’t work without your participation.

Window Cast Episode 3

Taylor Anderson talks about the skilled labor shortage and the comprehensive onboarding process at her company, Anderson Aluminum as part of the BEC Conference panel, Generational and Mentorship Gaps.

Understanding the NFRC Window Label

The NFRC label, issued for factory-built fenestration, or the label certificate, issued for site-built fenestration, provide performance data for thermal transmittance (U-factor), solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), visible light transmittance (VT) and air-leakage (AL).

A Quiet Space

Windows help a homeowner reduce noise and increase efficiency in her historic building.