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May/June 2023

Q+A with Joseph Machine Co. | Workforce Needs in the Age of Automation

How automation can help companies combat the labor shortage, enhance safety and maximize resources.

Product | Solution

HPD1 Hinged Patio Door Locking System by Roto North America is a durable and secure stainless-steel locking solution for hinged patio doors that delivers quality performance.

Window Cast Episode 2

This episode features Joey Aragon, director of operations, Aragon Construction Inc., discussing how his company established and refined a mentorship program.

NGA Launches Vlog & Podcast | Episode 1: Creating an ESOP

Check out Window Cast: From the NGA, the new summer series vlog and podcast from the National Glass Association. Join hosts Katy Devlin and Sara Neiswanger as they discuss a range of topics relevant to your fenestration business.

Manufacturers Plan to Expand Despite Some Headwinds

Supply chain challenges eased significantly, while labor, inflation and rising costs put more strain on companies. Despite headwinds, the industry continues to invest in itself, grow and innovate.

2023 Top Manufacturers Report | A Year of Growth

Companies expand their capacity as backlogs decrease and sales increase.

Getting the Most from Automated Equipment

Getting the most from automation requires different thinking from real people and an evolved skill set different from what is traditionally associated with a typical shop floor worker.

Inside Energy Star 7.0

Industry associations assist manufacturers with new reporting requirements.

Navigating a Dynamic Market

Buyers are still in the market, and they are fleeing to quality.

Servant Leadership Serves Business Growth

Focus on people to create business growth and a strong culture.

Historic Destination Reimagined

Landmark restaurant restored with original aesthetic windows by Veka Inc. and Wincore Windows

Finding the Right Solution

When it comes to automation, fenestration manufacturers aren’t just choosing software, they’re finding a partner in their operations.

Join the Conversation: Women in Fenestration

The National Glass Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council have combined efforts and formed the Women in Fenestration LinkedIn group to support women in the fenestration industry. This group provides a platform for women to connect and share resources.