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January/February 2023

Q+A with Quanex | Rebounding and Rebranding

How a strong company culture and an open mind leads to growth and new opportunities. Quanex President and CEO George Wilson discusses rebranding, the company's focus on people, its goals going forward and the industry at large.

Product | Solution

Many multi-point locks require specific, expensive hardware not readily available for purchase and most are extremely unforgiving during door installation. PanoLock®—Winner Best of IBS 2022 Window and Door Component—is unlike any other multi-point lock on the market. 

2023 Industry Pulse | Sustainable Slowdown

As the supply chain stabilizes, the single-family housing market slows. Nevertheless, the industry charges forward with new sales, product innovation and investments.

A Weakening Residential Market

Stagnation will not be felt evenly across the industry, with declines in residential, a softening in multifamily development, and a slowing in commercial activity offset by growths in manufacturing and infrastructure, according to Dodge Data & Analytics.

Take the 2023 Top Manufacturers Survey

Window + Door’s annual Top Manufacturers list details North America’s largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors, skylights and related products, based on sales volume.

NCCER Compiles Paper on Experiences of Women in Industry

The National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) interviewed tradeswomen and analyzed responses to a survey directed to women in the industry for a white paper called "In Her Own Words: Improving Project Outcomes", which will assist employers with recruiting, hiring and…

The Turning Tide: Is the New Year Marking a New Business Environment for Our Industry?

The annual Industry Pulse survey and corresponding report is one of my favorite editorial projects of the year and this year’s report was especially interesting. Although the past several years have been characterized by overwhelming demand amid supply chain and material disruptions, the responses…

The Validity of Electronic Transactions and Contracts

While the basic legal concepts of what constitutes “mutual assent” to form an agreement and the “writing” necessary to memorialize one still exist, those concepts have also broadened to keep pace with the new technology.

Performance Standards are Key to Quality Fenestration Products

Fenestration products are made up of a multitude of components that all need to perform properly to achieve optimum performance in the finished unit. To achieve this, it’s critical to have reliable and current standards by which component and whole unit product performance can be determined.

Window Condensation Tells Many Tales

Condensation, whether wanted or not, can be a useful indicator of many physical processes. By observing the condensation trails of high-altitude jet planes, for example, one can easily estimate the speed, direction and stability or turbulence of air in the upper atmosphere.

5 Takeaways from the 2023 Industry Pulse

The Industry Pulse not only revealed information about the economic landscape, but also lent insights into the changing supply chain and material landscape, ongoing labor concerns, product trends and more. Read on for the top takeaways.

State of the Market 

Economic uncertainty didn’t dampen the M&A market in 2022, but the market will move more cautiously in the year ahead.

Childcare, Flexibility and DEI in Manufacturing

Women have tremendous power to close the manufacturing skills gap, but barriers remain, preventing women from entering—and staying—in the industry.