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The 2023 Window + Door Award Winners

This year’s winners present innovative and sustainable solutions for the industry 


The 2023 Window + Door Award winners represent a year of hard work in creating a variety of products that meet customer needs. As more customers demand products that are energy efficient and easy to operate, without compromising the aesthetic of their home or business, these companies delivered. 

Judges reviewed entries in nine categories this year to determine which products exemplified innovation and answered a market need in a unique, effective way. Read on to see what products they crowned as the most innovative of the past year.  

The Window + Door Awards Judges 

Thank you to this year’s volunteer judges for the Window + Door Awards! Judges recused themselves from any category in which their company had an entry. 

Window + Door Award Winners

Most Innovative Door Component

Most Innovative Entry Door

Most Innovative Machine/Equipment

Most Innovative Support/Marketing Program

Most Innovative Patio, Multi-slide or Multi-Panel Door

Most Innovative Window

Most Innovative Window Component

Unique Innovation

Most Innovative Manufacturing Process


Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Window + Door and Glass Magazine.