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March/April 2022

The Future of Hardware

Automated hardware is part of a larger trend toward whole-home automation.

Q+A with Veka: Care, Act, Grow

Companies that turn corporate social responsibility into action have a real impact on the communities they serve. VEKA Inc.’s President and CEO Joe Peilert and Corporate Marketing Director Steve Dillon share their insights on  CSR.   

Product | Solution

Plastpro’s Craftsman Series Shaker Doors is now available in an 8/0 height. These new doors blend the company’s advanced, fiberglass exterior with traditional, Shaker-style elements.

Disruption Alert: Transparent Solar

A conversation with Ubiquitous Energy about the opportunity for renewable energy and how solar windows can enable smarter homes.

Next-Gen Tech to Meet Energy Goals

Transparent solar and VIGs are among the window technologies poised to take the fenestration industry to the next level of energy efficiency.

High-speed machinery

High-speed machinery can allow product to move through a facility in an expedited manner, but companies need to consider more than speed before investing in this equipment.

About Innovation

As we discussed labor and supply challenges, product trends, manufacturing capabilities and more, I kept noticing the overriding theme of innovation. Innovation in how to mitigate labor and supply chain struggles, innovation in product development and innovation in manufacturing processes.

Software Selections

A 6-step approach to guide companies as they research, evaluate and select the appropriate software system.

The Key to Honest Online Reviews

The Federal Trade Commission published two new guidelines around online reviews: it all comes down to transparency.

WOCDs Explained

What classifies as a window opening control device and how they fit into building codes.

Triple Glazing and Embodied Energy

Is the energy savings gained by moving from double to triple glazing outweighed by the extra energy used to make the third pane in the first place?  

Drive Profitability with These 3 Emerging Door Trends

Doors can empower homeowners to reimagine open floorplans, create statement-making entrances and accommodate the ever-expanding functions of a home.